Get to know Humble Creek Homes

Patrick Lamothe, Fady Baroud, Simon Feizo-Gas

On this page, we will report on our progress, new projects and ventures, as well as, regular updates.  


Getting ready for the Launch


Partners meeting to finalize detail and set a launch date   ✔️


Get Postcard Printed before the Home and garden show  ✔️


Finalize and test the website  ✔️

  • Much testing was needed to make sure we are able to provide logical navigation and seamless buyer experience
  • feedback received was that our message was not clear. Website visitor did not understand that the website was built as a "crowdfunding" platform able to accept monetary support. We'll make sure to clear this up in our next info videos.  
  • Much collaborate between partners was and continues to be extremely important to ensure our message gets through effectively.   

    Begin Social Media Marketing Bliz - big three  ✔️

    • we realized that videos are more effective at getting people to follow and share. It is very important to us that people are able to follow us and view our progress. Posting video updates on social media will be the best way to do this

    Set a timeline to beginning construction - To be determined


    Meet with local newspapers to discuss our business and vision ✔️



    Simon with Pat @ the house in Rockland, ON - Simon is trying to figure out how the computer works.

    Pat with Simon @ the house in Rockland, ON - Testing the website to make sure it all works before the launch.

    Fady with Pat @ Perkins on Ogilvie Road, Ottawa - Pat is trying to explain to Fady how to work a tablet


    Simon with Pat @ Loui's Pizza MacArthur Road, Vanier for Breakfast - Simon is presenting the new business plan to Pat. We apologize for Pat's chest hair.